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Korn’s Jonathan Davis: “The nothing keeps me going, keeps me alive and helps the pain.”

Alison Phase
Alison Phase
Jan 15, 2020

Korn, a well-known American multi-platinum nude/alternative metal band released the latest album, The Nothing on September 13, 2019.

It debuted in eighth place on the Billboard 200 chart. Nick Rascalenix, the producer of the album worked with the group on the previous disc. The number 13 has become a significant number for the band. The Nothing was released on September 13, the album is the thirteenth in a row and there are thirteen songs in the tracklist. Their first single “You'll Never Find Me,” and the tracks “Cold” and “Can You Hear Me” were released prior to The Nothing.

Korn’s Jonathan Davis
Korn’s Jonathan Davis

Korn’s album The Nothing is the most their most personal, most harrowing and the darkest Korn have ever gone. It was unleashed in the aftermath of frontman Jonathan Davis’ wife passing away. Writing the album, he explored all facets of life, death and loss within his own mind.

JD admitted that he couldn’t listen to The Nothing without crying. It was terribly difficult for him to perform this song. But The Nothing is everything for him because it’s like a chapter in his life, it keeps him going, keeps him alive and helps the pain. Jonathan considers every Korn record as therapeutic for him and the outlet for his anguish. More than that JD does it because there are people out there who can relate.

Last year Korn launches documentary series, which follows the band on tour following the release of The Nothing. The video was produced, directed, shot and edited by Sebastien Pak, with additional shots of Wombat Fire, Luke Schlink, Melissa Castro and Nick Siemens.

James Schaffer, Band guitarist, confessed that the group worked the whole year to create The Nothing. They didn’t hurry as they did earlier in order to quickly go on tour. They lived by the songs, had time to reflect on them, and then returned to them and finalized them. The members of the band tried to spend more time with their families and enjoyed every moment of making great music.

You can hear and see them in the UK in 2020 at Download Festival on June 12-14.


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